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We offer you prefabricated light steel reinforced integrated buildings. The main material is a light steel keel synthesized by hot aluminized zinc strip through cold rolling technology, Through accurate calculation and support and combination of accessories, it plays a reasonable bearing capacity to replace the traditional housing; Combined with the high efficiency brought by industrial production, compared with  the traditional construction period reduced by 2/3, its excellent performance determines the overall  comparison of ultra-high cost-effective. 


*USA standards-ASTM A792M-10 (SS 550 class 1),

*EUROPEAN standards -EN10346:2009 (S550GD+AZ),

*AFRICA & ASIA standards-GB/T14978:2008 (S550GD+AZ),

*AUSTRALIAN standards- AS1397:2011 (S550+AS)

*JAPANESE standards - JIS G3321:2012 (SGLC570).

Below in detail what makes our homes the best on the market:

I- Product Performance

1. Thermal insulation: Light steel energy-saving seismic housing system, through light steel frame structure from bottom till the top, formaldehyde-free environmental protection cotton and a variety of maintenance plate combination, formed a good performance composite wall system and composite roof system, with excellent thermal insulation effect. 

2. Soundproofing: Light steel energy-saving seismic housing system, composed of light steel frame, sound insulation materials and environmental protection plate wall, floor and roof system, have excellent sound insulation effect. 

3. Comfort: Highly energy-saving earthquake-resistant housing system, the wall has the function of regulating indoor air humidity, the roof has good ventilation function, ensure the good comfort of the housing. 

4. High quality: Energy saving building system, all components have professional factory standardized production, all materials for new energy saving and environmental protection  materials, The precision of component dimension is measured in millimeters, which more fully guarantee the quality and quality of construction, and provide full guarantee for comprehensive extension, application and industrialization. 

5. Durability: Light steel energy-saving earthquake-resistant housing system, light steel structural components are all made of high-aluminized zinc material, effectively avoid steel structural members in  the use process of corrosion, corrosion resistance capacity for more than a 100 years.

6. Seismic resistance: Light steel energy saving seismic building system, light steel structure frame and internal and external maintenance plate connected by aluminum-zinc self-tapping screw. The formation  of a very strong "plate-rib structure system," this structure system has a better anti-seismic and  horizontal load capacity, so that residents in the face of earthquake disaster peace of mind. 

7. Snow resistance: Light steel energy saving seismic housing system, light steel structure integrity is good, can withstand 1.55KN / m above the basic snow load, can resist 70 meters per second hurricane. 

8. Pest Control: Light steel energy saving seismic housing system, light steel structure using aluminum zinc steel, maintenance plate is not affected by termite and other insect erosion, suitable for  construction in various areas, greatly reducing the maintenancecost. 

9. High efficiency: The production, logistics, installation and quality control of the light steel energy￾saving seismic housing system are standardized, especially showing the advantage of high efficiency. Under normal circumstances, a house can be completed in about 30 days, the installation cycle is much shorter than traditional construction. 

10. Wide scope of application: Light steel energy-saving seismic housing system, using light steel frame, light weight, no additional lifting equipment, manual handling and installation can be solved. At the  same time, the foundation load is small, suitable for construction in various geological conditions, not  limited by geological conditions. Standardized dry work construction is not affected by weather and  seasons to achieve uninterrupted construction throughout the year. 

11. Rich and beautiful design: Light steel energy-saving seismic housing system, structural components can easily achieve a variety of complex modeling, to meet the needs of various architectural model designs, high grade and diverse architectural appearance by the user's satisfaction. 

12. Energy conservation and environmental protection: Light steel energy saving seismic housing system, light steel structure materials 100% recyclable and recycled, other maintenance materials 85%  recyclable and recycling. From the raw materials themselves, manufacturing links, construction and maintenance of the whole process, is a real set of safety, health, environmental protection in one of the new technology housing systems, because of this, it has become internationally recognized as a considerable value to promote the energy-saving housing system and by the vast number of users vigorously spread.

13. Cost-effective: Light steel energy-saving seismic housing system, because of large-scale production and marketing mode, standardized cost control has more advantages than other structures with the same quality of housing prices much lower, with a strong market competitiveness. The utility model can be arranged between the structure of the wall and the floor at one time, the interior and exterior decoration materials are durable, and the cost of the traditional house second decoration is eliminated. 

14. It do not matter where you are located, as long there are roads to make deliveries we can reach you!

Your Dream Home Awaits: Prefab Housing Options

Light steel reinforced prefabricated housing foundation.

Light steel reinforced prefabricated housing foundation.

  The cheapest and fastest way to own and live in your house, we offer steel reinforced Prefabricated hotels, offices, schools, villas, economy houses or mansions etc. We boast a selection of 50+ models to choose from. Varies in area size and number of floors as well custom manufacturer per provided blueprints that suits your requirements. Our Prefabricated houses durability can last up to 100 years and could be one of your greatest investment.

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Fast-Track Your Dream Home: Construction Process Details

1* Foundation

1* Foundation

II Construction Process

Fast construction speed, short cycle + high efficiency . All materials can be fully industrialized production, combined installation in the construction site, not only reduce the site construction intensity, but also improve construction efficiency and engineering quality. Construction, can first build residential district environment and can be completely in accordance with the needs of property buyers design and manufacturing residential. Which internal decoration can also be completed through the whole, one time? Construction speed is fast, short cycle,  

high efficiency, not affected by the season, all-weather construction.

Unconventional Luxury: ODD Housing for Outdoor Resorts



  In picture two of the best selling ODD housing models that can bring your leisure to the max. Cozy housing choices for couples or romantic getaway. Great replacement for a cabin where you can enjoy the nature view from inside the mirrored walls. 
We offer a wide range of models we can supply and can custom made with provided blueprints that suits your business plan or self-ownership leisure activities. 
We can ship worldwide, offer installation services if required to send our technicians. Easy installation of pre-manufactured materials.
For living off-grid we have available
Contact us systems sets with external batteries in below sections.

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